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Course Name & Paper No.8: Psychology of Personal Adjustment

Subject: Psychology
Course Name & Paper No.8: Psychology of Personal Adjustment

Course Objectives:
This course should help Students:
1. To impart knowledge about the normality
2. To make students understand the nature and course of various adjustment
3. To impart knowledge and skills needed for psychological assessment of
different adjustment conditions
4. To impart various of personal adjustments.
5. Learn meaning, nature and fields of adjustment
6. Identify stages of personal development
7. Identify and express emotions more clearly
8. Learn to recognize the barriers to personal adjustment and determine the ways
to overcome those barriers
Unit-I: Adjustment Process
 Definition and Meaning of Adjustment
 Characteristic (Nature) of Adjustment
 Process of Adjustment
 Improvement of Adjustment
 Analysis of Adjustment
 Field of Adjustment
 Improving in Adjustment
Unit-II: Family Adjustment
 Meaning and Definition of Family
 Nature of Family
 Function of Family
 Family interaction
o Reciprocal relations between spouses
o Reciprocal relations between Children and parents.
 Family Problem
o Crisis in Family life
o Divorce
 Suggestions for Family Adjustment
Unit-III: School Adjustment
 Introduction
 School-As a New Experience
 Relation between Home and School
 Relation between Teacher and Student
 Factors for effective education
 Solutions for Effective Learning
 School as a Life living situation
Unit-IV: Vocational Adjustment
 Introduction
 The transition from academia to business
 Factors Effecting of Vocational Choice
 Factors Effecting of Vocational Satisfaction
 Vocational Satisfaction and Personal Adjustment
 Working women
Unit-V: Psycho-Sexual Adjustment
 Attitudes for Sexuality
 Attitudes for Love
 Factors of Choice of Life Partner
 Psycho-Sexual Relationships in Marriage
o The dangers of Premarital sex
o Extramarital Sexual Relation
 Why Some People Do not Marry?
 Lamm A. Introduction to Psychopathology, Sage Pub. N.Y. 1997
 Buss A.H. Psychopathology, John Willey N.Y. 1999
 Lehner & Kube, Dynamics of Personal Adjustment, Prentice Hall N.Y. 1996
 Sorenson H. and Molm M. Psychology for Living, Megralo Hill N. Y. 1997
 Bernard H. "Toward Better Personal Adjustment, NCGrew Hill N.Y. 1957
 The Dynamic of Personal Adjustment – Lehner & Kube
 Carson, Butcher and Mineka , “Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life ”, 11th
edition (2004), Person Education Pte. Ltd, Indian Branch.

Subject: Psychology
Course Name & Paper No.8: Community Psychology

Course Objectives:
This course should help Students:
1. Youth can be aware from the relationships between individuals and community
2. Understand social issues among various groups.
3. To identify problems and develop solutions within communities.
4. Importance of community mental health.
5. Get knowledge of different kind of government schemes and policies for
community welfare.
6. To impart various of personal adjustments.
Unit-1: Introduction to Community Psychology
 Introduction
 What is community psychology?
 A shift of perspective
 Seven core values in Community Psychology
 Ecological levels of Analysis in Community Psychology
 What does Community Psychologist do?
Unit-2: Research Methods in Community Psychology
 Qualitative research
o participant observation
o Qualitative Interviewing
o Case study
 Quantitative Research
o experimental social innovation and dissemination
o Randomized Field
o Experiments.

Unit-3: Stressors and Prevention & promoting
 Proximal Stressors
o Major life events
o Life transitions
o Daily Hassles
o Disasters
 What is prevention
 Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention
 Example of successful prevention and promotion programs
o Prevention of HIV/AIDS infection
o Prevention of childhood behaviour disorders
o Prevention of bullying and school violence
Unit : 4 Development of Community Psychology
 Development of Community Psychology
 Personality Science in Psychology
 Cultural perspective in Psychology
 Community Psychology Emerges in tyers in America
 Social Change and Liberty Movement
Unit : 5 Understanding Community
 What is Community
 Types of Community
 Levels of Community
 Question and issues defining of Community
 Bret Kloos & Jean Hill, ‘Community psychology : Linking Individuals and
Communities’ 3rd Edition, (2012), International Edition,
 James F. McKenzie, Robert R. Pinger, Jerome E. Kotecki, ‘ An Introduction to
Community Psychology’, Fourth Edition, (2002), Jones and Bartlett
Publisher,SudburyDelton – Elis, Wandersman – Community Psychology
 Davis Drive, Bolmoant C.A. – Higher Execration
 જનસમુદાય મનોનવજ્ઞાન, ર્ૉ. અરવવાંદ શાહ અને શ્રીમતી એ. એસ. િો્રી.

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