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Course Name & Paper No.6: Social Psychology-I

Subject: Psychology
Course Name & Paper No.6: Social Psychology-I

Course Objectives:

This course should help Students:

1. Appreciate how individual behaviour in influenced by Social and Cultural 

2. Understand how social behaviour can be analysed in terms of social 
Psychological Theories

3. Realise how social Psychological knowledge can be used in solving social 

4. To understand how a social psychological analysis differs from other forms of 

5. To become familiar with the wide variety of questions and topics that social 
psychologists study.

6. To learn the classic and contemporary theories that are relevant To become 
familiar with a sampling of research findings, both correlation and experimental

7. To appreciate the variety of choices and limitations in the lives of women and 
men as they are shaped by personal and social factors

8. To explore various topic areas through readings, class activities, and discussion 
and by thinking and writing critically and reflectively.


Unit-I: Introduction of Social Psychology

 Introduction, Definition and Meaning
 Nature of Social Psychology
 Scope of Social Psychology
 Importance and Utility of Social Psychology
 The relationship of social science to other sciences

Unit-II: Research Methods Social Psychology

 Experimental Method
 Observation Method
 Field Survey Study Method
o Interview Method
o Questioner Method
 Sociometric Method
 Projective Techniques 

Unit-III: Social Interactions 

 Definition and Meaning of Social Interaction
 Types of Social Interaction
 Nature of Social Interaction: Cooperation: Competition, Conflict, Adjustment
 Social interaction Mechanism 
o Suggestion
o Imitation
o Sympathy
o Social Facilitation 

Unit-IV: Socialization 

 Meaning and Definition of Socialization
 Nature of Socialization 
 Stages of Socialization
 Process of Socialization
 Dimension of Socialization 
 Mediators (Tools) of Socialization

Unit-V: Social Attitudes 

 Meaning and Definition of Attitude
 Nature of Attitude
 Formation of Attitude
 Change of Attitude
 Measurement of Attitude
o Thurston
o Likert 
o Bogardus


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 Social Psychology – Soloman Asch
 An outline of Social Psychology – Sheriff & Sheriff
 Social Psychology – I. M. Newcomb
 સમાજલક્ષી મનોનવજ્ઞાન (પ્રગત), ર્ૉ. બી. એ. પરીખ, યુનનવસીટી ગ્રાંર્થ નનમાકણ બોર્ક, ગુજરાત
રાજ્ય, આમદાવાદ.
 સમાજલક્ષી મનોનવજ્ઞાન, આવૃનિ ૨૦૦૭-૨૦૦૮, સી. જમનાદાસની કાંપની, અમદાવાદ.
 સમાજલક્ષી મનોનવજ્ઞાન, આવૃનિ ૨૦૧૭, સી. જમનાદાસની કાંપની, અમદાવાદ.
 સમાજલક્ષી મનોનવજ્ઞાન, હાંસરાજ ભાક્રટયા, રાજકમલ પ્રકાશન, અમદાવાદ.

Subject: Psychology
Course Name & Paper No.6: Applied Psychology

Course Objectives:
This course should help Students:

1. Appreciate how individual behaviour in influenced by applied and cultural 

2. Understanding how to applied behavour can be analysed in terms of applied 
Psychological Theories.

3. Realise how applied Psychology knowledge can be used solved social prolems.

4. Learn to use Psychology and other information sources.


Unit-1 : Introduction to applied Psychology

 Definition
 Nature of applied Psychology
 Scope of applied Psychology
 Importance of applied Psychology
 Aims of Applied Psychology

Unit : 2 Treatment & Psychology

 Diagnosis & Treatment
 Psychotherapy, Physical & Chemical Treatment, 
 The Steps of Treatment
 For the prevent of Mental Disease

Unit : 3 Psychology in Industry

 Occupational Analysis & Worker Selection
 Placement
 Effective condition of work
 Human relation in Industry
 Worker's Training

Unit : 4 Psychology in the field of Business

 Business & Psychology
 Relation between Businessman & Employee
 Need of Public Contact
 Effectiveness of Advertisement & Use of Psychology in Advertisement
 Sexual appeal in Advertisement, Negative appeal in Advertisement

Unit : 5 Psychosexual in Home Life.

 Nature and Function of Family problem 
 Function of Modern Home
 Home life and Social Heredity
 The Home Transient, Fundamental need of a Chilled.


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Psychology in Use
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 વ્યવહાક્રરક મનોનવજ્ઞાન-કાપક્રર્યા અને ગાાં્ી, અનર્ા પ્રકાશન અમદાવાદ.

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