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Course Name & Paper No.4: Child Developmental Psychology

Subject: Psychology

Course Name & Paper No.4: Child Developmental Psychology

Course Objective:

1. To enriched student for development process and factors related to various types of 
mal adoption so that student can understand a child behavior and able to evaluate it 

2. To make aware for developmental stages.

3. To create awareness for self understanding and observing other child`s behavior by 
the view point of causes and can come to conclude dynamicity of causes.

4. The student can evaluate the stages of language development and development of
cognition through perception.

5. This Course aim, at providing conceptual foundation of human development 
specially child development. It focuses on development in the life span in different 
domains with an emphasis on the cultural context and child problems.

6. Learn to use Psychology and other information sources.


Unit-I: Approaches and Psychological Aspects of Illness

 Old ideas about child 
 Modern Ideas about Child
 Approaches of Child Psychology 
 Important of Approaches in Child Psychology
 Introduction of Illness
 Types of Illness
 Psychological Effects of Long Illness
 Obligation of parents and Teacher to
 Illness and Physical Handicaps Child

Unit-II: Physical Deficiency in Child

 Types of Physical Deficiency:
I. General Deficiency
1. Nervous Systems 2. Hormones 3. Nourishment 4. Crippled
II. Special Deficiency
1. Visual 2. Auditor 3. Speech

 Reasons of Physical Deficienc

Unit-III: Social and Moral Development: 

Social Development 
 Definition and Meaning 
 Stage of Social Development
 Aspect of the socialising Process
 Factor of Social Development
1. Family
2. Peers Groups 
3. Media & Schooling
Moral Development
 Definition and Meaning, 
 Stage of Moral Development
 Factors Influencing On Moral Reasoning: Personality, Fear Interaction, 
Child rearing, practice, Culture.
 Character Development- (Internalization of Moral norms and development 
of moral understanding
 Juvenile delinquency and youth crime 

Unit-IV: Intellectual and Language Development

Intellectual Development
 Definition and Meaning
 Stages of Intellectual development
 Factor Affecting the Intellectual Development
 Factor Hindering and Treatment Intellectual Development 
Language Development 
 Definition and Meaning
 Stage of language development
 Factor Affecting of Language Development

Unit-V: Emotional Development:

 Definition and Meaning
 Affecting Factors of Emotional Development
 Development of Emotional Expressions.
o Happiness
o Anxiety 
o Anger & Sadness
o Jealousy
o Fear
o Curiosity
o Self-Conscious 
o Love and Sexual love

 Learning to Emotions
o Conditioning
o Imitation


 Dynamics of Child Development – H. B. English
 Child Development – Crow & Crow
 Handouts: Teacher can creat and distribute unit wise detail for easy 
learning, and concept formation.
 “Development Through Life Span.” By: Laura E. Berk, Illinois State 
University. USA. Third Edition, Pub. By Pearson Education , New Delhi.
 “Child Development”(Sixth Edition) By Laura E. Berk. Illinoise State 
University U.S.A.
 “Discovering Life Span” By: Robert S. Feldman. Uni. of Massachusets 
U.S.A. Pub. By: Pearson Education New Delhi.
 Laura E. Berk; Development through Life Span, Illinois State University. 
Usa, Third Edition, Published By, Pearson Education, New Delhi.
 Dynamics of Child Development – H. B. English
 Child Development – Crow & Crow
 ર્ૉ. િોિા, ર્ૉ. ર્ઢાણીયા, ર્ૉ. ભાલાળા, ર્ૉ. જારસાણીયા, ર્ૉ. કુાંભાણી (આવૃનિ ૨૦૦૭-
૨૦૦૮ અને૨૦૧૬): બાળ મનોનવજ્ઞાન, સી. જમનાદાસની કાંપની, અમદાવાદ.
 બાળ માનસ પક્રરિય, ર્ૉ. બી. એ. પરીખ, પોપ્યુલર પ્રકાશન-સુરત.
 નવકાસલક્ષી મનોનવજ્ઞાન, પ્રા. યોગેન્ર કે. દેસાઈ, યુનનવસીટી ગ્રાંર્થ નનમાકણ બોર્ક, ગુજરાત રાજ્ય, 
 નવકાસલક્ષી મનોનવજ્ઞાન, એનલઝાબેર્થ હરલોક, યુનનવસીટી ગ્રાંર્થ નનમાકણ બોર્ક, ગુજરાત રાજ્ય, 

 બાળ મનોનવજ્ઞાન, સી. પી. પટેલ, યુનનવસીટી ગ્રાંર્થ નનમાકણ બોર્ક, ગુજરાત રાજ્ય, અમદાબાદ

Subject: Psychology

Course Name & Paper No.4: Psychology of Effective Behaviour.

Course Objectives:

This course should help Students:
1. To impart knowledge about the normality

2. To make students understand the nature and course of various effective 
behaviour conditions.

3. To impart knowledge and skills needed for psychology.

4. Learn to use Psychology and other information sources.


Unit-1: Problem of Adjustment (Stress)

 Meaning of Stress
 Types and source of Stress
o Frustration
o Conflict
o Pressure
 Severity of stress
 Physiological & Psychological Consequences of Stres

Unit-2: Adjustments in Marriage Life

 Exception of Marriage Life
 Selection of Life Partner
 Marriage and Adjustment
 Divorces

Unit-3: Vocational Competences

 Vocational choice as a Problem
 Problem of Vocational Adjustment
 Future of Vocation

Unit : 4 Emotion Competence

 Factors of Emotional Competence
 Dealing with Problem Emotions – Fear, Anxiety, Worry, Anger Hostility, 
Guilt, Depression,
 Grief – (in Short)
 Love – A Problem Emotion

Unit-5: Intellectual Competence

 Factor of Learning Process
 Problem Solving and Decision process

 Creative Thinking


 Psychology and Effective Behaviour – J.C. Coleman
 Psychology and Effective Behaviour – C. Jamnadas Co.
 Psychology and Effective Behaviour – Gujarat University, C.T. Bhopatkar
 Psychology and Effective Behaviour – Bharat Institutes

 મનોનવજ્ઞાન અને અસરકારક વતકન-સી. જમનાદાસની કાંપની-અમદાવાદ

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