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Course Name & Paper No.1 : Environmental Psychology

Subject: Psychology

Course Name & Paper No.1 : Environmental Psychology


Unit – I: Introduction to Environmental Psychology: 

 Developmental History of Environmental Psychology
 Human life and Environmental Problems
 Meaning and Nature of Environment
 Nature and characteristics of Environmental Psychology
 Fields or scope of Environmental Psychology
 Goals and Utility of Environmental Psychology
 Understand the relationship between human and environment. 

Unit – II: Methods of Environmental Psychology: 

 Observation method
 Self report method
 Analysis of records & documents
 Scaling method
 Co-relational method
 Experimental method

 Case Study.

Unit – III: Human Behaviour and Environmental Stimulation: 

 Changes in Environment
 Stress: Concept and type of stress, Sources of stressors: ambient stressors, daily 
 High Density and over Crowding on humans
 Effects of overcrowding on Humans
 Excessive Environmental stimulation

Unit – IV Effect of Environment on Behaviour: 

 Adaptation level theory
 Reaction to Environmental stimulation
 Stimulation level and human reaction
 Meaning of Environmental pollutants
 Types of Pollutions: Temperature, noise, air, water, chemical and their 

Unit – V Human Responses to protect the Environment 

(Pro-environmental behaviour)
 Changing the environmentally destructive tendencies
 Environmental education
 Environmental prompts & cues
 Environment strategies
 Reinforcement strategies
 Environmental movements
 Approaches to deal with specific environmental problems.


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 પયાકવરણનુાં મનોનવજ્ઞાન – સુનિતા પ્રકાશન વસ્રાપુર- અમદાવાદ, ર્ૉ. સી. બી. દવે, એન. એસ. પટેલ અને

ર્ૉ. ર્ી. જે. પાંિાલ

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